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2020 Guilford Soccerfest Team Registration
2019-2020 Team | South Central District | Connecticut

Guilford Soccerfest Rules

Note that in the event of a discrepancy between the rules contained in the Guilford Soccerfest program and the website the rules as stated on the website shall prevail.


  1. DURATION OF THE GAME: With the exception of championship games all games will consist of two thirty (30) minute halves. All games will have a five (5) minute halftime break. The referee will be the official timekeeper for the game, which will be running time except in the case of a prolonged delay due to injury, weather, etc., in which case the referee may add time to the half to make up for the delay. Consolation games will follow the same rules as all other tournament games and in the event of a tie, a draw will be declared. Championship games will consist of two thirty (30) minute halves and a 5-minute halftime break. In the event of a tie at the end of regular time, two golden-goal overtimes of ten minutes each will be played. There will be no break between overtimes (although the players will change ends). In the event the game is still tied, FIFA rules for the "Taking of kicks from the penalty mark" shall apply. Teams will alternate kicks at the same goal, with the goal selected by the referee. Best of five, (or more, if necessary), kicks shall prevail. All eligible players, including the goalkeepers, must kick before any player may repeat. Only players on the field at the conclusion of extra time will be eligible to take kicks, these players must remain within the field of play after the conclusion of extra time.

In lieu of a coin toss, the visiting team will choose which goal to defend. The home team will kickoff.

In case of extreme weather conditions (exceptionally high temperatures), the Committee may make a decision to play each game in quarters, with 1-minute touchline water breaks midway through each half in addition to a 5-minute halftime. This decision, if made, will apply to all games played the remainder of that day.

1a. Number of Players: U10 Teams will play 7v7 on a field size 165 ft. x 135 ft.; U11 and U12 teams will play 9v9 on a field size 225 ft. x 150 ft.; and U13 and older teams will play 11v11 on a field size 330 ft. x 210 ft. In the event age divisions are combined, the tournament director(s) will decide what size fields will be used in the bracket, and alert all teams within the bracket.

  1. EQUIPMENT:A #5 ball will be used in U13 - U19 divisions. U10 - U12 will use a #4 ball. Game balls will be supplied by the Tournament Field Marshal. All casts and other orthopedic devices must be approved by the referee prior to the start of play. Shin guards are mandatory for all players.
  2. SUBSTITUTIONSSubstitutions will be unlimited in number and may be made only with the consent of the referee by EITHER TEAM at any stoppage of play, including any kickoff, goal kick, throw-in, corner kick, direct or indirect kick, penalty kick, after a score, at halftime and after any injury for which the referee stops play.

Note: Player safety is paramount. Therefore, no referee, coach or tournament official may order an injured player to be removed from the field of play if the player, player’s parent or coach has requested professional medical attention (e.g., EMT’s) and has not yet received it. Once a professional is present, he or she is in full charge of the injured player, regardless of the impact on the tournament schedule.

  1. SCORING AND STANDINGS(except U10 for which standings are not computed): A round-robin World Cup format will be utilized, with each team playing all other teams in its division (except possibly in divisions expanded to more than five teams). Each team will be awarded game points as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. There will be a maximum three (3) goal differential per game in effect.

DIVISION WINNERS will be decided on the basis of the most points, with tiebreaking rules below in effect.

  • In divisions with a final match designated “Championship” or “Consolation Match” or the equivalent,

Soccerfest Tiebreak Rules apply. If still tied, a special shootout will be held according to FIFA Rules to determine which teams advance and to which match. The winner of the Championship Match will be the winner of the Division. If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, a 5 Minute Golden Goal Match is played. If still tied, then a second 5-minute Golden Goal match is played. If still tied, then kicks from the penalty mark will be taken. FIFA rules apply and will be conducted by the referee coordinator and/or certified referees.

  • In Divisions without a final Match designated “Championship” or “Consolation Match” or the equivalent,

The winner of the division will be determined by the Soccerfest Tiebreak Rules. If teams are still tied after Soccerfest Tiebreak Rules, co-champions will be declared.

Soccerfest Tiebreak Rules:

Total GAME Points Earned (Win = 3, Tie = 1, Loss = 0) AND Forfeits are considered a 3-0 victory.

Goal differential (goals scored minus goals against) with a maximum of three goals per game.

Winner of head to head competition (these criteria not used if more than two teams tied).

Winner of most games.

Fewest goals allowed.

Most goals scored (maximum of five goals per game).

Most shutouts.

Drawing of lots (as determined by Soccerfest Director(s); including, but not limited to, coin toss, drawing of straws)

  1. CONDUCTViolent conduct by any player, coach, manager, referee or spectator may, at the discretion of the tournament committee, result in ejection from all subsequent tournament activities. Any player sent off the field (red card) by the referee will automatically be suspended from the next game their team plays in the tournament. A cumulative yellow card rule is in effect: any player receiving two (yellow cards) in more than one game will be suspended from playing in their team’s next game directly after the one in which she received their second caution. Should a player suspended for receiving a red card, or for accumulating two yellow cards in more than one game, play in their team's next game, their team will automatically forfeit the game in which she does so. Unsporting behavior by a team's manager, coaches or parents will not be tolerated and may result in the offender(s) being banned from the sidelines for the remainder of the game and/or succeeding game(s).

Note: Coaching is permitted only from the team sideline and spectator coaching is prohibited. All spectators must remain on the opposite side of the field from the team benches.

  1. FORFEIT TIMEA ten minute grace period will be allowed for a team to field a minimum of seven (7) players (5 in U10). After ten minutes the referee will declare a 3-0 forfeit (except U10).
  2. HOME TEAM DESIGNATIONThe first team on the schedule will be the home team and is responsible for wearing jerseys of an alternate color when necessary.
  3. PROTESTSNo protests will be entertained.
  4. GAMES HALTED BY WEATHERIf more than half a game has been played and that game is terminated because of weather conditions, it will be considered official. If exactly one-half or less than one-half of the game has been played and the game cannot be rescheduled, it will be considered a 1-1 tie.
  5. ELIGIBILITYAn approved Application to Travel for non-Region 1 USYSA-affiliated teams (except New Jersey teams) must be filed with the tournament committee after notification of acceptanceForeign teams must present appropriate Permission to Travel papers certified by their own national organization. For non-Connecticut teams who are not affiliated with the USYSA, their organization’s normal paperwork regarding travel and rosters will be accepted. An insurance certificate with minimum liability limits of $1,000,000 and minimum excess player medical limits of $25,000 must be provided by all teams not affiliated with the USYSA and all foreign teams. In addition, for ages U11 and older, each team must have verification of each player's age by means of an association card or player pass. Such cards or player passes will be considered proof of citizenship for foreign players and coaches. Coaches’ cards are required and the names must be listed on the certified roster. Only coaches with cards may be on the team sideline, unless given special permission by the tournament director. All players, with the exception of three guest players, must be duly registered with their participating club. For Connecticut teams belonging to the CJSA, all players’ names, including those of any guest players, must appear on a roster certified by the team's district or state organization. For non-Connecticut USYSA teams, their state’s normal guest player paperwork will be accepted and must be certified by the participating team's parent organization.

Proof of player eligibility (certified roster, certified guest player documents, and player passes) must be presented at registration and be available to be held by the field marshal prior to the start of each game. Special SOCCERFEST medical release forms for each player must be presented at registration and held by the coach or manager at the field in case of injury. Any player not meeting any of the above requirements will not be allowed to play. A team will automatically forfeit any games in which an ineligible player participates.

  1. Roster Requirements and Guest Player Information; For CJSA & USYSA-affiliated teams:

We must have a CERTIFIED ROSTER for your team to be able to participate in SOCCERFEST. This means that your final SOCCERFEST roster must be signed/stamped by your club’s district or state registrar, for insurance reasons. For CJSA teams every player who will play for your team in the tournament must be listed on the roster. For non-Connecticut teams, if your state association utilizes special guest player forms, they will be accepted without actually adding the players’ names to the roster, provided the forms are certified. A player may be crossed off your roster later if she cannot play, but no players may be added to your regular roster unless that roster with the added players is certified or unless the names appear on your state’s special certified forms (see below for definition of what players are eligible to be added to your roster).

Soccerfest roster sizes match USYS and CJSA rules, with U10 (7v7) teams capped at 18, with a maximum of 12 dressed and on the bench for any one game; 16 for U11 and U12 (9v9); and 25 for U13-U19 (11v11), including guest players. Any guest player must have a player pass from their club to play in Soccerfest, except in the U10 division, in which no passes are required of any players.

ROSTER ADDITIONS:  You may add a player to your roster for Soccerfest only if:

  1. Player is of appropriate age, or younger.
  2. Player is not on your regular roster but is a registered member of your club at the time she is added - she would not be considered a guest player.
  3. Player is one of a maximum of three guest players (defined as a player who is registered and rostered with another club or clubs). 
  4. The revised roster is certified as defined above to validate the addition.
  5. An exception to above rules is hand-written players may be added to the roster with Soccerfest Director approval, and added players must meet all requirements.


  1. Scheduling accommodation requests will not be accepted.
  2. U10 Players may roster on two teams
  3. Players may roster on two teams provided they meet below requirements:

     - Playing for a registered club within their state agency

     - Playing in different age brackets

     - Playing "up" in a higher age division.

Any player not meeting any of the above requirements will not be allowed to play. A team will automatically forfeit any games in which an ineligible player participates.

For teams not affiliated with USYSA:

We will accept your organization’s roster provided it adheres to your organization’s roster and guest player paperwork policies and rules.  Guest player definitions and limitations are the same as above for USYSA teams.

  1. AWARDS CEREMONYIt is hoped that all participating teams will attend the awards ceremony following the last game in their division. First and second place teams (U11-U19) are expected to attend.
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Start Date: 06/27/2020

End Date: 06/28/2020

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